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T.I.P.S. Rules of Conduct

No smoking on location. You must find somewhere outside of house or 100' from investigation.

Always be punctual. Never be late to an investigation as it reflects poorly on our professionalism.

Never run from any paranormal activity. We are there to experience it not flee from it. If you are in danger calmly walk away and get assistance from other investigators.

Swearing or profanity is prohibited, specifically around the client or while taping, as it shows poor professionalism.

Never go anywhere alone, always have a partner.

Always treat the location with respect. Unless the lead investigator instructs you don't touch other people's things. Never mistreat any object, even junk.

All investigators must carry some light source.

All investigators must be familiar with the book "how to hunt ghosts" by joshua warren.

All investigators must have a watch. You can't write down the time an incident occurred is you don't know the time.